Keynote speakers

Here are a list of some of the keynote/plenary speakers at the 2015 event.

Tom SandersProf Tom Sanders was appointed Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics at King’s College London in 1994, and was Head of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Division in the School of Medicine until 2014. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics. His research career has focused on the effects of dietary fat in relation to cardiovascular health and type 2 diabetes. He has served on UK government scientific advisory committees on food safety and nutrition was a member expert panel of the World Health Organization/Food and Agricultural Organization Joint Expert Consultation on the role of fatty acid in human nutrition. He is a member of the Programme Advisory Committee on the Malaysian Palm Oil Board providing external peer review of research funded by the Malaysian government. He has published over 300 scientific papers and recently edited and contributed to a book entitled Functional Dietary Lipids due to be published by Woodhead/Elsevier later this year.

Dr Laurence Eyres is Chairman of the NZIC Oils and Fats specialist Group a role he has been in on and off for 30 years. He is also a director of his own consultancy ECG Ltd. He first got interested in lipids when his mother fed him rancid cod liver oil which stunted his groLaurence Ayerswth. He has been in his career, Chief Chemist of Abels Ltd who launched polyunsaturated margarine in NZ.A development manager for the NZ Dairy Board where he worked on butter fractionation. He was then Technical Director for NZ Dairy Foods (later Fonterra Brands) who handled the production, sale and marketing of butter and dairy blends in NZ. He has had roles at Massey and Auckland University where he has worked on at various times, avocado oil, olive oil, fish oil and flaxseed oil. He continues his interest in all fatty products especially phospholipids in order to maintain his faculties.

Professor Colin Barrow Professor Barrow has been at Deakin University since 2009 and is Chair of Biotechnology and Director of the Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology. Previously he was Executive Vice-President of Research and Development for Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) where he led the development of colinseafood-derived supplement and healthy food ingredients and technologies. Professor Barrow’s research interests include a broad spectrum of natural products chemistry, biological chemistry, food biotechnology and omega-3 oil technology. His current research is primarily in two areas: Omega-3 biotechnology and amyloid fibres and nanomaterials. Professor Barrow has a current h-index of 32 with 180 publications and an average citation per paper of 27. His total citations are 5,161 with one paper over 500 and two over 400 citations each. Other service includes being a member of the Expert Advisory Committee for Canadian Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD), a founding member of International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF) and being a Member of Board of Directors for International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL). He also currently review grants for the Victorian Technology Voucher Program and am an STC Mentor to support the Victorian medical technology industry.

Professor Manny Noakes, Research Director. CSIRO Food and Nutrition Flagship. Manny graduated from Adelaide University in Manny_Noakes1973 with a BSc, obtained her qualifications as a dietitian at Flinders University in 1977 and PhD in 2000. Manny is currently the Research Program Director for Food, Nutrition and Health at CSIRO – Australia’s national research agency. Manny has over 30 years experience in nutrition and published over 200 scientific papers. She has a strong interest in dietary patterns for weight management including the role of protein and strategies to translate nutrition science for the community. She is currently a member of the Australian Government’s Food and Health Dialogue and member of FSANZ High Level Health Claims Committee and the Heart Foundation’s Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee.

Dr Peter D Nichols, Senior Principle Research Scientist, CSIRO Food and Nutrition, Oceans and Atmosphere Flagships; Peter-NIchols lipidsAssociate Professor, School of Land and Food – Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania. Peter is a graduate of Melbourne University, BSc(Hons), and PhD. He performed postdoctoral studies at Florida State University and joined CSIRO close to 30 years and 5 or was it 6 major restructures ago.  Peter is a member of the CSIRO Omega-3 team that is developing new sustainable oil seed sources of the health-benefitting long-chain omega-3 oils. Peter has approaching 40 years experience in marine lipids, including developing and evaluating analysis methods and working to developing new products from both marine and agricultural resources.  He has published 320 scientific papers and 400 reports to industry and other clients. He has maintained strong links throughout his career with national and international universities, with over 25 PhD students successfully supervised, including current AAOCS president Matt Miller.  He serves on the Omega-3 Centre Management Committee as CSIRO’s Representative, and is a scientific advisor for the Centre.    He is a member of the FSANZ Food Composition Advisory Group.  In 2014 he and Matt Miller co-edited the book – Recent Advances in Omega-3: Health Benefits, Sources, Products and Bioavailability.  He received the 2009 AMSA Silver Jubilee Award and the 2012 Australasian Aquaculture – Blue Thumbs Research Award.

Assc Prof. Nils Hoem was educated M.Sc. Pharmacy at N Hoem Aug 2015University of Oslo, Norway, in 1983 and finished a Dr. Philos. in Pharmacology at University of Oslo in 1991. He was a Associate Professor at University of Oslo until 2000. After working as a visiting scientist at University of Southern California from 2000-2001, he has held Director positions at MDS Pharma Services Europe, Pronova Biopharma Norway and finally joined Aker Biomarine Antarctic as a Chief Scientist in 2008

Dr Leandro Ravetti graduated as an Agricultural Engineer in Argentina achieving the second highest academic score in the country. He worked for the National Institute of Agricultural Leandro 1Technology in olive production research and advised many of the country’s largest olive developments from 1995 until he moved to Australia in 2001. Leandro has also studied and worked as an invited researcher at the Olive Growing Research Institute of Perugia, Italy and at different Governmental Olive Institutes in Andalusia, Spain where he completed a postgraduate degree on olive growing. In Australia, Leandro leads the Modern Olives technical team, which provides horticultural and olive specific technical advice to most of the largest olive groves and olive oil processing plants in the country. These companies represent more than 67% of the Australian olive industry by production. Leandro has also been involved as adviser, researcher and invited speaker in most other new olive industries such as New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, Chile and USA. Leandro was an alternate director of the Australian Olive Association between 2009 and 2012. During that period, Leandro covered the position of Drafting Leader for the new Australian Standard for Olive Oil (AS 5264-2011) receiving the 2011 Standards Award for outstanding contribution to standardisation in Australia. Leandro has been Executive Director of Boundary Bend Limited, Australia’s leading fully integrated olive company since 2005. As part of his role with Boundary Bend, Leandro has overseen the production of multi award winning oils for the company’s flagship brand, Cobram Estate, including four gold medals and two best in class trophies in the inaugural NYIOOC in 2012.

Paul Miller is an agricultural scientist with over 35 years working as a researcher, industry leader and farmer. His research background is in plant physiology, chemistry and the climatic Paul Miller AOAresponses of fruit trees and grape vines. His commercial interests are in the olive oil and wine industries where he has overseen the development and management of large scale farms in Australia. He consults to businesses in the olive industry in several countries and is a regular invited speaker about olive oil around the world. Paul has helped to lead the development of the Australian olive industry as President of the Australian Olive Association since 2001. His focus has been olive oil quality, authenticity and overcoming fraud in the marketplace. Paul spearheaded the development of the Australian Standard for Olive Oil (AS5264-2011) introducing effective science to better define olive oil quality for the trade and to help prevent fraud. Paul is a founding member of the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) Expert Committee on Olive Oil and an invited founding member of the Division of Olive Oil, Euro Fed Lipids society. He is an invited member of the United States Pharmacopeia committee on olive oil standards of identity. In January 2012 Paul founded the Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA) based in California along with his partner Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne. EVA is a unique not for profit group of olive oil producers and experts from over 12 countries dedicated to promotion and education regarding extra virgin olive oil. EVA’s mission is to help unlock the value in this unique ancient natural food for consumers, producers and the modern supply chain. EVA’s belief that there is money in quality offers a fresh perspective and solution in the face of a fraud-ridden industry in crisis. Paul frequents olive oil producing and consuming nations and understands this complex and ancient industry, its technology and the trade.  He has a passionate belief that the production and delivery of clearly defined and reliable quality products is the ultimate solution for olive oil consumers, the supply chain and producers.

CGClaudia Guillaume – Modern Olives Laboratory Manager Claudia came to Australia in 2006 to head up Modern Olives Laboratory. She has had over 15 years’ experience in olive oil testing. She finished her studies in Argentina as Food Scientist and olive oil specialist. After working for several years in the area of quality, authenticity and sensory testing in a commercial food laboratory, Claudia completed a Post Graduate Course in the Fats & Oils Institute in Seville, Spain; where extensive experience in olive oil analysis was gained. Claudia is an approved chemist of the AOCS, participate as technical members for the Australian Standard for Olive Oil (AS 5264-2011) committee and is a NATA technical assessor. She has extensive experience in sensory evaluation of olive oil carrying out many training and judging in this matter. Claudia has been invited to many national and international conferences as speaker and she has published numerous scientific papers in national and international journals.

DSCF9958-indDr. Pablo Juliano is currently a Senior Research Scientist leading multidisciplinary projects on ultrasound interventions to improve oil separation, emerging processing technologies and food supply chain optimisation and redesign at CSIRO. He obtained his PhD in Food Engineering at Washington State University and an MBA at Deakin University in Australia. His industrial experience commenced with Nestlé Uruguay as Quality Assurance Manager and continued as a Research Manager with a major dairy exporter in Uruguay.

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