The full program is now live

AAOCS Program flyer

The program will present the latest science and industry updates relating to edible oil and ingredient supply, biotechnology, manufacture of fat-based products, nutritional research, oil analysis, latest developments with omega-3 oils, dairy lipids and other activities that support the industry. Furthermore planned workshops on spreads/margarine formulation and infant formula   lipids, led by international experts, are in planning to occur prior to the conference. We are also hoping to highlight “analysis of marine oils” in a hot topic session.

Draft outline is

Time Tuesday  8th September
Infant formula lipids workshop 
8 45am-430pm Pelican landing, Williamstown
Production of Margarines, Dairy Blends and Spreads Short Course
8 45am-500pm CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences Werribee
Wednesday 9th September
Production of Margarines, Dairy Blends and Spreads Short Course
8 45am-400pm CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences Werribee
Infant formula lipids workshop 
10am Tour of the Nu-Mega Production Factory
AAOCS conference
5pm Registration, Waterfront Kitchen, Deakin University
5:30-6:30 AAOCS Award Presentation – Andy Sinclair
6:30-8:30 Welcome Reception/Mixer
Thursday 10th September
Joint Omega 3 Centre/ AAOCS Symposium
8-830 Reception opens The Pier Geelong waterfront
Morning session  Omega-3 Cardiovascular Health and Fish v Supplementation
Mid morning session  Omega-3 Health and Analysis of Omega 3
Afternoon session I  Omega-3 Bioavaibality and encapsualtion
Afternoon session II  Omega-3 – Biotech New Frontiers
530pm AGM
7pm Conference Dinner
Friday 11th
AAOCS Symposium
Morning session Olive Oil
Mid morning session Biotechnology – Plants
Afternoon session Lipids in Industry
400pm-ish Finish

These times are just estimates and schedule could change (slightly)

The program will be structured to allow delegates to meet colleagues in a social environment to discuss matters of mutual interest.

Other point of interest on the program will be;

  • The 2015 AAOCS award for scientific excellence in lipid research. This award is given to a  scientist from within the Australasian region that has made a significant research contribution towards fats and oils research. The award winner will give a presentation on their work on the Wednesday the 9th of September, followed by the opening mixer
  • The opening mixer (Wednesday the 9th). A chance to catch up with colleagues and friends or connect with other members of the lipid community in a social atmosphere.
  • Conference dinner at the Pier in Geelong
  • Workshop on the production of margarines, dairy blends and spreads. This short course is designed to assist participants in understanding the production of retail and bakery margarines, dairy blends and spreads.  The workshop will be co-ordinated by Rod Smith of CSIRO and Lucky Inturrisi (Cargill Australia).
  • Workshop on infant formula lipids. More details to be confirmed on the two workshops.
  • A hot topic session on the past and future of olive oils in Australasia

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